Mentoring Skills for Schools

The value of learning mentors is increasingly being recognised within schools. This course takes an in-depth look at the skills required to work effectively as a learning mentor.

Students are guided through four modules where they develop key skills and learn how to:

  • work effectively as a learning mentor
  • plan an effective mentor programme in school
  • nurture their mentees’ skills and abilities
  • motivate children and young people.

This is a flexible online course. You can work through the course at your own pace, as long as the course is completed within 12 months. The course can be completed within 8 weeks if you are able to put more time into study. It includes 60 hours of study.

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The course includes support from an expert tutor who will work with you throughout the course. You can contact your tutor at any time if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything that comes up during the course. Online support is available 7 days  week, up to 9pm each evening, allowing you to talk to a member of the support team at a time to suit you. 

I'm enjoying the course a great deal, it's full of useful practical hints and tips, and I feel it's helping me to bring all of my existing knowledge together. I currently work in a school and hoping to move into a mentoring position. The course is giving me a strong grounding, so I feel much more confident about applying when the jobs do come up. Lovely tutor and excellent online support too.  

Diane Stuart 


  • Level 2 Certificate in Mentoring Skills for Schools

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Course Outline

Module 1: What is a Mentor?: Role of the mentor within school; aspects of the learning mentor role; exploring the mentor-mentee relationship – roles and responsibilities; roles of the mentor: teacher, coach, model, counsellor, adviser; introduction to some key theories; introduction to child development; theories about adolescence; self-esteem; the child in context; children and families; goals for mentoring; introduction to key skills; active listening; self-awareness. Tutor Marked Assignment 1. 

Module 2: Meeting Your First Mentee: Planning a mentoring programme to meet school/college needs; confidentiality and its limitations; ethical issues; boundaries; identifying mentee needs; goals and strategies for mentoring; identifying your mentee’s learning style; self-awareness and emotional literacy for young people; the first meeting – creating the right conditions, establishing a working relationship with the young mentee, keeping records; behaviour issues for the learning mentor; managing behaviour; understanding referral; A-B-C approach to behaviour change; working with families. Tutor Marked Assignment 2.

Module 3: Understanding Children’s Problems: Understanding stress during childhood; stress management for children and young people; psychological issues – defining abnormal behaviour, identifying disorder, referral, ADHD, conduct disorder, understanding autistic spectrum disorders, depression in children; bullying; underachievement; identifying child abuse; promoting protective behaviours; dyslexia; dyspraxia; dyscalculia. Tutor Marked Assignment 3.

Module 4 - Practical Approaches: Creative approaches; play therapy skills for mentoring; books and story-telling; goal-setting for mentees; motivation and inspiration: Understanding motivation, identifying mentees’ motivating factors, motivation in practice; groupwork; life skills: teaching more effective ways of relating to others, developing negotiation and leadership skills. Tutor Marked Assignment 4.

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