Children and Stress

Supporting Children Coping with Stress and Anxiety.

Many children experience high levels of stress at some stage during their childhood. Stress may be caused by family problems, social or peer issues such as bullying, or school pressures, such as preparing for tests and exams.

Over time high levels of stress can lead to anxiety and emotional difficulties. Children vary in their ability to cope with stress, but all children can be supported in developing more effective stress management strategies and greater resilience. This course provides a practical guide for teachers and education staff supporting children and young people who are experiencing stress.All tutors are experienced therapists who have training and experience in working with children.

This is a flexible online course. You can work through the course at your own pace, as long as the course is completed within 12 months. The course can be completed within 8 weeks if you are able to put more time into study. It includes approximately 36 hours of study.

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The course includes support from an expert tutor who will work with you throughout the course. You can contact your tutor at any time if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything that comes up during the course. Online support is available 7 days week, up to 9pm each evening, allowing you to talk to a member of the support team at a time to suit you.

I completed the course as part of my CPD and am really pleased I chose it. It gave me a totally fresh perspective on some issues that has been very helpful in school, and included plenty of useful practial ideas too. The course is easy-to-follow and I had a really nice tutor, who was always happy to answer my questions. I'm applying for new roles in school now and I think having this additional certificate has been a great addition to my cv. 

Corinne Hall 
Support Assistant                 

Study topics include: identifying sources of stress; talking about stress and anxiety; developing effective coping strategies; practical approaches to supporting individuals and groups; addressing stress in school; positive elements of stress;developing stress management skills in children and young people.


  • Level 2 CPD Certificate in Supporting Children Coping with Stress and Anxiety

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