Mentoring Skills for Schools

The value of learning mentors is increasingly recognised within schools and colleges. This course takes an in-depth look at the skills required to work effectively as a learning mentor. Areas covered include developing core skills, planning an effective mentoring programme in school, nurturing mentees’ skills and abilities, and motivating children and young people.


Practical Counselling Skills

This course introduces a range of counselling skills that may be beneficial in an education setting. Many education staff are now called upon to play a counselling role, supporting students who are experiencing anxiety or emotional or psychological distress. This course is designed to give students the confidence and skills needed to support such children effectively.


Children's Mental Health

This short course provides a practical introduction to some of the most common mental health issues encountered in children and explores ways of promoting emotional and psychological well-being. It is suitable for both teachers and support staff who would like a better understanding of these issues and how to support children in the most effective way.


I've worked as a school mentor for two years but decided to complete the course to build additional skills. I'm so glad I did! The material is comprehensive, with loads of useful practical ideas and offering a fresh perspective on many issues. It also helped me to see that I've been doing a lot of things right instinctively, but now I know why! 

Jill Robinson 
School Mentor

I chose the Counselling Skills course because I've found myself increasingly supporting children with emotional or psychological problems in school and I honestly didn't feel I had the skills I needed to do so well. Very useful course! I use the skills learned every day in the classroom, not only when supporting children with emotional or psychological issues. 

Wendy Martin 
Teaching Assistant